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Empower your Leaders.

JD provides transformative brand and style consultation to high-visibility clients across industry, politics, and social causes. Janel’s work is seen by millions through the public appearances of Fortune 500 companies, United Nations and World Economic Forum members, actors, technology executives, and leaders in social change.

Style on the job communicates your organization’s brand immediately.

In fact, how your employees dress communicates faster than any other part of your brand: their appearance is read instantly and unconsciously as markers of trust, capability, professionalism, and success.

And yet, even in organizations with strong brands and strong people, there are leaders unsure of their appearance within public view.

Our work changes that uncertainty into clarity and confidence so they can make the right impression as the stand up to represent your organization. When your brand and the personal style of your employees are aligned, your message is more coherent, expressive, and easily understood. It is truly your most powerful tool.

But it starts with you.

We’d love to learn your story and be a part of building your brand and strengthening your message.