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I'm a Dress Girl

Here’s my thing: I’m a dress girl. A skirt girl too.

I much prefer skirts and dresses to pants and shorts. I was not blessed with long legs (hey, I’ll survive), but my mom was kind enough to pass along her small frame and waist size, which works with dresses and skirts - cinched and fitted.  Yet 2 years ago, I realized that somewhere along the way of being a mother of three, and in and out of maternity clothes and post-partum clothes and I-don't-care-clothes.  I wanted to redo my look, to try new things and stay within my budget.  So, I casually mentioned this to Janel over coffee.  Her reply was simple.  “So, what’s stopping you?”

True to form, she had already taken notice of my style and shared what she liked about it.  Starting with my closet, we rediscovered pieces that I loved.  Janel showed me that with the right length of skirt and the right shape, dresses and skirts can always be a part of my everyday life. I can still sit on the floor, create fun art projects, do a puzzle and kick a soccer ball.

Janel gave me the confidence to try new things, to step out of my comfort zone and how to have fun with what I already love.  I still love dresses and think they are overlooked by many of us.  I’m not sure why because, honestly, dresses look great on all body types…so ladies, tell me:  what’s stopping you?



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