Janel Dyan

Woman of the Week

Blown Away

I met Sara over four years ago when my family moved to a suburb of Chicago.  Waiting outside the Kindergarten class with her youngest of three in a stroller, she was chatting with all the other moms and sharing the happenings of the day.  Long blonde hair pulled back, tailored brown down jacket cinched at the waist, skinny jean cords, boots.  First thought? She’s someone I want to meet.  Not only was she dressed so cute, but her energy was infectious.  And that is beautiful.

Sara is kind, wicked smart, funny, generous and fiercely loyal – her family and friends are the most important thing in her life.  She finds the beauty in the everyday chaos of motherhood.  She is my dear friend.  My confidante.  My go-to for parenting tips and a sounding board for life’s struggles.

I am honored to share her story as Janel Dyan’s first Woman of the Week.  

Check out her full story and look book.  

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