Janel Dyan

Why Janel Dyan?

As a stylist, Janel is the type who shops for you out of your own closet; it’s not about buying new things or following the latest trends, it’s about putting it all together, and with confidence. It’s about reinventing. It’s about rediscovering. And in the end, what Janel’s advice—her eye, her ideas, her sense—is really about is this: you. Her intentions are from the best place possible, her heart, and she believes you should keep it simple, feel beautiful, and of course, enjoy life’s daily chaos.
— Sara. Chicago, IL
Janel is able to create looks that make you feel good about yourself. She starts with learning who you are, reminding you to see what is beautiful and makes trying things outside of your comfort zone fun!
— Janae. Bay Area
Janel helped me transition from the day-to-day survival mode to finding my way back into fashion. Janel, keep using your talents and doing what you love. Its a gift to all of us lucky gals!
— Lynn. Dallas, TX
Janel made me see the potential in my body & understand that I have good points about my figure - like my legs! Time to wear those Black Skinny jeans!
— Joanne. Bay Area
Janel’s energy comes from deep inside. Anyone in the room can feel it, she is simply driven to connect and create with people. Fashion is her outlet. It isn’t about fixing someone or creating a look that she thinks looks good on you, Janel does it because she genuinely cares.
— Tricia. Dallas, TX

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