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Women Crushing It Wednesday

#WCIW: Phoebe Dahl

Dreamer. Eco-friendly Entrepreneur. Female-Empowerment Fighter.

At 28 years old, some might say that designer Phoebe Dahl is just getting started in life—but she has already accomplished a great deal. Since studying fashion design in San Francisco and London, Dahl has launched her own clothing line, created a platform that helps empower young women, and was named Creative Director of a.Kartel, an emerging fashion brand. Dahl learned to sew at a young age from her grandmother who owned an antique fabric store and knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer, even before she graduated from high school. She has also always participated in philanthropy and community outreach and also knew that she wanted to incorporate a “giving back” aspect into her career.

In 2013, Dahl launched her line Faircloth + Supply in Los Angeles. The line is comprised of simple, elegant basics that are constructed of organic, sustainable fibers in local, ethical factories. However, the best thing about it is that for every item sold, Faircloth + Supply donates a school uniform to an organization called The B Project. Working mainly in Nepal, where Dahl has frequently visited, The B Project helps to provide girls and young women with school supplies, books, uniforms, and training for the women who make the uniforms. On a visit to Nepal, Dahl has described the reaction of the girls upon receiving their school uniforms: “The girls ripped off their clothes and put on their uniform. For them it represents so much, a future and the opportunity to move away from the gender oppression that they face. One of the girls told me that she wears her uniform even on days she’s not at school because it acts as a body guard against traffickers. Traffickers don’t approach girls that are wearing uniforms because they know that they are educated against them, and won’t be easily coaxed to go away with them. It holds a lot for these girls.” 

In the future, Dahl hopes to expand her company’s outreach and impact even further and into more countries. Dahl’s mission statement for Faircloth + Supply is this: “We are your everyday dreamers, working hard towards a mutual success: to create clothes that want to be worn, in a world we want to live in.”  For her exceptionally optimistic outlook, her eco-friendly business model, and her fight for female empowerment, Phoebe Dahl is this week’s #WCIW.

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