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#WCIW: Vivienne Westwood

Fashion Icon. Legendary Trendsetter. Advocate for Social Change.

Vivienne Westwood is an icon, a legend. In the late 60s and early 70s along with her partner, Malcolm McLaren, she became one of the founders of the London Punk movement. From safety pins and unfinished hems to corset tops and pirate boots, Vivienne Westwood has been a creative fashion force for nearly 50 years. She has never followed trends, she sets them. Year after year, her creative and politically charged runway shows were panned by critics and “fashion people”, only to have her “unwearable designs” copied and en Vogue the very next season. She has inspired generations of artists — including Jean Paul Gaultier, Margiela, Alexander McQueen, and John Galliano — with her tartan skirts and jackets, oversized collars, and animal-toe shoes.

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Westwood is known, not only for her unique and iconic designs, but also for her outspoken demeanor and over-the-top protests — she once drove a white army tank past Parliament in London. Vivienne has always been a passionate individual. In 1970, she and McLaren opened their first shop, SEX, in London. That shop remains open to this day, despite going through numerous titles. It’s now called World’s End. From the very beginning, Westwood has been an advocate for social change and environmental responsibility. She uses her art to bring attention to climate change, pollution, government corruption, and human rights. She has also partnered with organizations like Project Zero, Ecotricity, and The People’s Climate March. 

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For her enviable career, her passionate protests, and her valiant efforts to combat climate change, Vivienne Westwood is our #WCIW of the week. To learn more about Westwood’s climate change campaign, visit climaterevolution.co.uk.

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