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Styled By Janel Dyan

We are styling at Dreamforce this year - see how we do it!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our style tips and creating fun digital looks for all attendees - both women and men! It’s all here to help make your time here in San Francisco a huge success!

Dreamforce for Women: What to Wear 2017

1. Keep your feet comfortable.

Recommendation: Pack 2 pairs of shoes so that you can easily, and comfortably, pair with multiple outfits. Not only does it help keep your suitcase light, it gives you space to bring back some fun swag and DF tshirts.

2. Layer up

Recommendation: It can be cold inside the large convention halls and breakout rooms, so pack a few light pieces for the day like a cardigan, wrap or scarf.  A quick way to warm up yet small enough to throw into your tote or backpack while walking.

3. Day to Night

Recommendation: One jacket, two looks: You can change up your look without changing every piece. A signature jacket can double up from day to evening.

Recommendation: Change up your game. Denim with fun flats during the day is a great option, but evening events are a great opportunity to put a fancy foot forward.

Wear what makes you confident!

You’re going to Dreamforce to learn, innovate, transform and grow. Build looks, stay true to your sense of style, and embrace and enjoy the largest stage of like minded professionals in the technology industry. These 96 hours are yours to connect, socialize and network — so dress for the conversations you want to have! 

Style may be personal, but the reason it's such a labored decision has nothing to do with the clothes. At Janel Dyan, we live by one inviolate fashion rule — don’t forget yourself. Your personal style is your edge, the tip of the iceberg to who you are and how others will see initially see you. This is your brand. 

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