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Spring Into A Floral Dress This Sunday

Floral Shirtdress

Spring is here and with Easter Sunday around the corner, we can officially splurge on our spring outfits.  Floral prints, cute shoes, spring jackets and fun accessories.  Floral dresses are a must-have this spring and summer with many endless ways you can add your own flare – from the 70’s retro vibe to sporty or feminine and to a classic, casual and even laid back look. Paired with killer heels or ballet flats, a blazer or bomber jacket – here are some styles that we can all have fun with now that spring has sprung!

Cinched at the Waist

Create shape with dresses that cinch at the waist! It accentuates the hips and, because it doesn’t lay flat on the body, it can hide any unwanted belly budge. Try pairing different belts with your dress to add your own personal style while adding a functional element. This silhouette is especially flattering on pear-shaped and hourglass figures.

Classic Button Down

This classic collared, full button-down shirtdress works well with boyish, straight up and down body types. Bold prints will add a little oomph to your look while solid fabrics may drown you out. If you do opt for a more vibrant fabric, keep your accessories neutral to ensure your look is nice and balanced. A cute look to try? Pair Converse sneakers with one of these dresses for daytime and then throw on chunky sandals in the evening.


There’s nothing I love more than throwing on an easy, oversized shirtdress when I’m headed out to an event. Don’t be afraid to add some height with a significant heel to lengthen you out a bit. To help you avoid looking like a square box, I would go for at least a three inch heel! Put your cash and phone in a structured clutch, throw on a choker necklace and shades and you will be turning heads.


Long tight sleeves can make an outfit dressier for a wedding, brunch or morning meeting. Long loose sleeves can create a beachy look and make a dress look more casual. Sleeves also free you up from bringing along a sweater or jacket on a chillier day. Consider them! It can take your look to the next level. 

And finally, always remember that it’s less about what you wear and more how you wear it. Own it!

Happy Spring!

Dresses to Dusters: Stay on-trend with KUT this Spring

Photo credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Photo credit: Carol Erdie Photography

 When spring arrives, we all look to our wardrobe with great anticipation and an eye toward lighter colors, shorter styles and new trends. In spring and early summer, it’s all about embracing the warmer – but not too warm! – weather and shedding the heavy layers of winter. What a relief! And one of the best things about spring styles? The dresses! This year at New York Fashion Week, we saw a huge variety of lengths, necklines, silhouettes, fits, styles and, of course, colors and patterns!

Photo Credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Photo Credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Kut From The Kloth’s new spring dresses fit right in with everything we saw at NYFW in February. KUT’s new spring and summer lines offer an array of dresses for every woman’s style, taste and body type. The Floral dress is flowy and flattering and, with its forgiving neckline, it works for a smaller bust size. It’s a comfortable fit for any body size while still giving a nice shape. Super versatile, this dress can be worn to the beach, out to eat or to a party and it brings vibrance to any skin and hair tone. Color is key with this dress, just like many of the ones showcased at NYFW. Work it!

Photo credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Photo credit: Carol Erdie Photography

For taller girls, the flowing chiffon of the vibrant maxi dress is perfect for daytime wear. The high neckline works for any bust and pairs nicely with a couple of long and layered necklaces. Wear this maxi with a pair of sandals, flipflops or light flats. The simple silhouette gives you the freedom to play around with it. Try belting this long, sleek dress and then throwing on a white denim jacket to kick it up a notch. This dress shows off a lot of color without being too flashy or bold, making it easy for any woman to wear well.

Photo credit:  Carol Erdie Photography

Photo credit:  Carol Erdie Photography

For those of you who are looking for something simple and elegant but slightly shorter, try the floral Adalie Printed dress. With its white background and vibrant floral pattern, this dress lets you show off your legs and you can customize easily by adding a pop of color with your jacket, accessories, shoes or belt. This dress lends itself to experimentation with shoes, too. Try booties, heels, sandals and even sneakers. To dress it up, try pairing this with a black jacket or sweater to pull the dark details out of the dress.

Finally, do not pass up Kut’s wonderfully versatile Ruthy Cambray denim shirtdress this season. In a light spring wash and a perfect length, you can pair this dress with a cascade of necklaces and wedge espadrilles to meet the girls for lunch, throw on your cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry for a festival or trip to the farmer’s market or leave it open over white jeans and t-shirt for a super springy casual yet edgy look.

It’s been a long winter. Time to store those sweaters, coats, gloves and cashmere scarves and get back to some super pretty, super cool outfits. Add some Kut dresses to the mix and you’re ready to greet the new season.


Julie Hogan, Marketing Manager at Janel Dyan

"I have no sense of fashion."

Photo credit:  Carol Erdie Photography

Photo credit:  Carol Erdie Photography

Many of us define “fashion” as the exclusive arena of those creative and bold enough in New York, London and Paris. Yet we compare ourselves to the runways, the fashion bloggers, and the fashion magazines and soon become overwhelmed, insecure, and mired in how to apply the looks we love to our everyday life. 

Let’s redefine fashion. 

Fashion is fun…every woman should embrace it! A form of self-expression, your style tells the story of who you are. Fashion is embracing your style and celebrating each stage of life.  It’s the super short shorts at 20, the first black suit at 30, the blazer and boyfriend jeans at 40 or that pixie cut at 50.  

There is no need to be boxed into a single style category either. It’s the “edge” in your classic look, the “street” style in your refined world and the “bold” in your corporate life. Once you define your signature style, the fun begins! Style is defined by what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Your personality, unique experiences, and lifestyle are all key influencers and they must be honored.

Long for the days when you can rock that silk top and not worry about the little one using it for a Kleenex? There are many times when what you want to wear doesn’t work within your current lifestyle. It is important to recognize that style is an ever-evolving and organic thing. That’s the beauty of it! Trust me, that day will come, but until then, delete those silk tops in your Piperlime cart until 2016.

Fashion is fun.  Let’s embrace it. 

LA-Chicago-NY in my Mia Skinny Jeans

With three cities in three weeks behind me, I’ve been in a whirlwind of business, fashion, creativity, expression and fun.

Los Angeles in my Mia skinny jeans

From business meetings to design studios to the couture runway, my Mia Skinny jeans were a travel staple. I wore them on every trip and they were easily paired with every look I needed … including high fashion in the big city!    

Los Angeles

The highlight of my trip to Los Angeles was meeting Evelyn and her team at the KUT design headquarters. I toured the design studio, reviewed prototypes and the product line and took at look at KUT’s fall inspiration boards of textures, styles and colors. I especially loved the opportunity to see where and how Kut’s products are actually manufactured and learned more about the pattern making, cutting, fitting and production process. I’m very excited about the new line and can’t wait to start styling it!


Chicago in my Mia skinny jeans

I flew out for a quick 36 hours to sit front row at the Belle Vie Bridal Couture Parisian Fashion Runway.  My dear friend, Amanda Bonnell, the owner of Belle Vie, was launching her new couture line, Audrey Grant.  With backstage access, I learned just how much work it takes to produce a full runway show. Hair and makeup, model fittings and final rehearsals all mean tight schedules and very little room for error. I wore a Rita Vinieris gold jumpsuit and, sitting front row, I watched Sharon Talcott, the International Model for Caroline Herrera, own the runway. 

New York

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It’s a beast of an experience. Freezing cold temps, high fashion (literally!) on every corner and amazingly creative people talking about the Spring and Fall 2015 lines at every turn.  I walked through Lincoln Center wearing Herve Leger, Lanvin, Watanabe and Jimmy Choo – and I was photographed with the best of them. The visual creativity that you experience is someting that you can’t explain unless you attend. It’s a time and place where any and all expressions of self are not only accepted but expected. 

On Saturday, I stopped by the NYC Headquarters to meet Denise, the KUT Exec who is in charge of placing merchandise at retail stores, including Nordstrom, Macys, Dillards and more. Touching and trying out the designs that were inspired by Evelyn’s crazy quilt of boards was a tremendous value add to Janel Dyan. 

My time in LA and Chicago prepped me well for NYC … and how to take High Fashion to High Tech. KUT is on-trend with creating both spring and fall lines which are right on par with the high fashion industry.  An affordable way to get the looks we all love from the magazines and style blogs into our own closets, Kut truly belongs in your spring and fall rotations. 

Stay Neutral this Spring

Kut from the Kloth:  Mia Skinny Jeans, Strengthen Wash  Photo by: Vincent Jon

Kut from the Kloth:  Mia Skinny Jeans, Strengthen Wash  Photo by: Vincent Jon

Neutrals will always be in style so it's a trend that not necessarily new.  However, spring is typically associated with more feminine, light pastels, while neutrals such as khaki, olive green and camel are typically worn in the colder months.  

This spring a new trend has arrived which means those cold weather hues are staying around a bit longer.  The fall and winter neutrals that are so popular right now can continue to be styled and worn in the spring!  How great is that? Who doesn't love getting an extra bang for your buck? 

10 Ways to Style Your Denim Jacket

One of the things I love the most about spring is that I can finally ditch my bulky winter coats. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wool coat, but there’s something so nice about stepping outside in a lighter jacket that doesn’t hide your entire outfit from view. One spring wardrobe essential I think everyone should own is a denim jacket– I’d recommend splurging a little on one that fits well so you can wear it for years. 

Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with literally anything. They lend a casual vibe to any outfit but they can also be dressed up a little bit. They’ll keep you warm without suffocating you and they don’t cover up the rest of your cute outfit – in fact, they can usually make an outfit even cuter.

You can wear your jacket through spring, the chillier days of summer, and fall as well. And, yes, you can pair it with jeans.  Here are 10 style tips on how to wear a denim jacket that you’ll love.

1.     For a sporty look, pair your cropped jacket with a graphic tee, neutral jeans and Converses.

2.     Pair your denim jacket with stripes, plaid shirts, and colorful pants – any of those create a classic spring look.

3.     Stripes with a denim jacket – it’s such a classic look. Add some edge to your look and pair them with cargo jeans. 

4.     Make a super feminine look more relaxed by layering with a denim jacket. 

5.     Not sure what to wear with your bright colored jeans? A denim jacket is the perfect choice! 

6.     Don’t be afraid of denim-on-denim! If you’re going to go for it, just make sure you pair different washes.

7.     I love wearing black-on-black ensembles, but sometimes it feels like too much. A jean jacket breaks it up perfectly. 

8.     Go for a new look by buttoning up your jacket all the way and wearing it as a shirt instead of a jacket. This looks perfect with colorful maxi skirts.

9.     To make your denim jacket work at night, you can wear it with sequins and heels. It’s a fun mix for going out.

10.  Make a maxi dress work for spring or fall by wearing it with a cropped denim jacket. 

Every Woman Should Own a Pair of White Jeans

I’ll be honest, it took me a few years to let go of all the reasons why I couldn’t add a white pair of jeans in my wardrobe. Six years later, I now own two pairs: one skinny and one boot cut. And I absolutely LOVE them!

Here are the most common reasons why women are afraid of white jeans:

  • They will highlight my lumps and bumps.
  • They can only be worn three months of the year, so why invest in them?
  • They are for the younger women and I’m no longer in that age range.
  • They will show my underwear.
  • They will get ruined upon first wear.

And the #1 reason…

  • They will make me look fat.

Now, let’s all just decide that the reasons above are no longer valid because they aren’t. 

Here are the top reasons why white jeans ROCK:

  • Color (or lack thereof): they work with every pattern or shade.
  • They lighten up the look of any dark top or jacket and can turn a winter look into a spring or summer style.
  • They scream. “I’m ready for warmer weather” – and who isn’t?
  • White is the ultimate neutral
  • Yes, they are white, but they are jeans so they can be styled for night or day and you still get to wear denim. 

Not sure what style is best for you? 

Here are my top 8 tips for finding the best splurge-worthy pair to add to your closet essentials.

  • Fit is key. They must not be too tight. Always error on the looser side when it comes to light colored pants and jeans.
  • Find a thick denim with some spandex for stretch.
  • To slim out the leg, opt for a lighter colored, not overly chunky shoe (nude is my go-to). A slight heel or wedge always helps you out.
  • Any color worn head to toe is slimming and this year’s white-on-white trend for spring is perfect. Top with a colorful or patterned blazer or sweater for a pop of color, which helps to ground the outfit.
  • If you're full-figured, the bootcut is always your friend. Pair with a hip-length loose top to balance out the bottom half.
  • If you are petite, try out a skinny leg option (ankle or full length). To elongate the legs, try tucking in your top (at least in the front).

Closet Overflow - How Much is Too Much

How many of us have a closet full of clothes and can’t remember the last time we wore most of the items? If this is true for you, you’re not alone. Every client I’ve ever worked with keeps clothes they haven’t worn in ages … and they just can’t bear to let them go. And yet, sometimes we have to get rid of the old if we want to make room for the new. 

So the big question is always how do we do it?  Here are the most common reasons for closet overflow and my answers to each statement.

“It has sentimental meaning” Choose the things that mean the most to you and capture the essence of that period of time. Be strategic about what you keep. Think highest value and best memories.

“One day it will fit again” If it doesn’t fit now and you aren’t taking serious steps to get back to that size, just get rid of it.  Of course, if your favorite pair of skinny jeans or favorite dress gives you motivation, then keep it. But remember, every item can’t be motivational. A closet full of too-tiny clothes is actually terribly defeating.  Also, there will probably be something you like more once you get back to that size.

“Styles always come back” As you think about what to keep, stay focused on what to wear now.  If the closet is full of stuff that you might wear one day, then you’re probably losing track of the stuff you can – and should - wear now.

“No time to go through the closet” One strategy to combat this is to go through the closet in 15-minute increments daily.  The closet won’t be cleaned and organized overnight but you won’t be overwhelmed by the task and you will still be making steady progress.

My advice: start thinking quality not quantity. It’s much better to have a closet full of staple pieces that can be worn more than once or twice.  Think value for the wear and how you can be creative with fewer items.  

Jumpstart Your Fashion and Style

2015 is the year to rediscover who you are by taking a look at what you wear. As a stylist, I am elbow-deep in client closets on a regular basis.  I help clients edit their wardrobes, educate them about the fits and cuts of clothes that work best for them and I build outfits that help the client utilize their attire and accessories to the fullest extent. 

Here’s the advice that I give my clients: start with what you already have - your current wardrobe - and challenge your beliefs about yourself, your body and your style. 

Take a look at the top three reasons why your first step begins with a closet purge:

-Find forgotten treasures in your closet; these could be the key pieces to your best outfits.

-De-clutter and simplify to make your mornings much easier and less stressful.

-Create your own picture-perfect style where you love each and every piece you own.

Need a push? This is the perfect week to make an appointment with Janel Dyan.  We’ll walk through your closet in a few hours and help you get on your way to a tip-top, ready-for-winter wardrobe! 

What's on His Wrist

These days, most men have a smartphone to tell them the time.  Because of this, watches have become more of a fashion statement that ever before.  Whether it's flashy or understated, used as an accessory to their outfit or to communicate something about their style, you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his watch.

Recently, I was asked to pull five watches under $550 for a client.  Here are my recommendations:

Breytenbach Stainless Steel

Breytenbach Stainless Steel

1.  Breytenback Stainless Steel Watch - $259

Classic and casual in design, this croc-embossed leather band and textured dial is a steal at its price point.



Tissot Tradition Classic Chronograph Rose Gold-plated 

Tissot Tradition Classic Chronograph Rose Gold-plated 

2.  Tissot Tradition Classic Chronograph Rose Gold-plated Watch - $332

With its slim dial, rose gold finish and classic leather strap, this timepiece will elevate any suit.



Boss Hugo Boss Black Driver Sport Watch, 44mm

Boss Hugo Boss Black Driver Sport Watch, 44mm

3.  Boss Hugo Boss Black Driver Sport Watch, 44mm - $495

A bracelet watch is always elegant especially with beautiful rose gold trim - giving this timepiece a bit of an edge.



Breytenbach Classic Analog Enamel Bezel Watch 

Breytenbach Classic Analog Enamel Bezel Watch 

4.  Breytenbach Classic Analog Enamel Bezel Watch - $523.50

A refined watch that features a subtle, elegant tweak of tradition - a black band paired with a 3D design.



Shinola 41mm Runwell, Light Blue 

Shinola 41mm Runwell, Light Blue 

5.  Shinola 41mm Runwell, Light Blue Watch - $550   

If this is your first timeless piece and you want to make a statement, the Shinola watch is a great investment.  An American made timepiece out of Detroit, these watches are selling out everywhere.  Their designs are simple and bold. 


Pop the color:  Try orange.

Teamed up with a neutral color, like grey, orange can add some fun this fall.  Be bold.  Try something different.  

Earrings:  Sara Lenart Jewelry 

Earrings: Kate Spade.  Top: Ya Los Angeles.  Pants: KUT Mia Skinny Jeans.  Heels: Christian Dior.  Clutch: Miu Miu

Earrings: Kate Spade.  Top: Ya Los Angeles.  Pants: KUT Mia Skinny Jeans.  Heels: Christian Dior.  Clutch: Miu Miu

The Easiest Way To Get Dressed This Holiday Season

Here's the truth:  I love a monochromatic look.  Not just because it’s easy (it is), but because you can’t screw it up.  You can’t really wear it wrong.  I mean, it’s perfectly fine if your black pants aren’t exactly the same color black as your black jacket.  Trust me, unlike the “that grey was the wrong shade to pair with that darker grey,” wearing black from head to heels is the perfect choice.

This holiday will be all about my black skinny jeans.  Wearable with everything from faux fur vests, blazers, blouses to fitted dress shirts, there is always something in your closet that can look great with your black skinnies. Keep your accessories simple and you’ll be the most put-together girl at any holiday soiree. Better yet, since black skinnies are so versatile, going from day to night is easy.  Check out some not-necessarily-for-the holidays looks for day and night to see what I mean!


Have some fun while you puddle jump!  Photo: S. Gries

Have some fun while you puddle jump!  Photo: S. Gries

Rain, Rain Come and Stay...

Feeling the first fat rain drops on your head or getting soaked all the way down to your toes can easily throw a wrench into your daily ensemble. Often considered the ugly duckling of the boot family, it may seem daunting to incorporate rain boots into an outfit, but it’s totally possible to rock your rain boots and make them work with your wardrobe, rather than against it. In fact, the unexpected contrast of bright color and utilitarian functionality can add an edgy element to any outfit. 

 Skirts & Dresses

While it may seem a little crazy to pair rubber boots with a cute dress, the two can actually be a perfect match. The key is to balance the two extremes with complementary colors. Your rain boots should add to your outfit, not distract from it, so avoid bold patterns. To ace this look, choose an A-line that falls above your knees. And don’t be afraid to have some fun with color or pattern in your clothing.


Nothing says cozy quite like leggings and an oversized sweater. To complete this look, put on a pair of comfy knee-highs and a solid-colored boot. The cold and  dreary weather will be no match for you today!

 Skinny Jeans

When it comes to rocking a pair of rain boots, skinny jeans are a girl’s best friend. Whether you’re braving the blizzard or dodging a sudden thunderstorm, you can tuck your jeans into your boots without worrying that they will bunch or wrinkle.  Throw on an oversized sweater or button up your trench coat to stay warm and dry. 

 See? Suddenly puddle jumping doesn't sound like such a bad idea after all.

 Splash on!

JCrew Chelsea Rain Boot

JCrew Chelsea Rain Boot

Chooka Mid Height Rain Boot

Chooka Mid Height Rain Boot

Hunter Original Tall Boot

Hunter Original Tall Boot

Ilse Jacobsen Women's Rain Boot (A personal favorite)

Ilse Jacobsen Women's Rain Boot (A personal favorite)

The Truth About Olive Pants

Style: stay  monochromatic on the top with a white t-shirt and a blush or beige cozy sweater.  Classic, comfy and easy to throw on.

Style: stay monochromatic on the top with a white t-shirt and a blush or beige cozy sweater.  Classic, comfy and easy to throw on.

 Earthy, neutral tones create the foundation of your wardrobe; the colors black, grey, navy and white are the usual favorites. And yet olive is about as earthy and muted as a color can be and has the advantage of adding some diversity to your style when constructing a classic look. Here are three reasons why you should add a pair of olive pants to your wardrobe this fall.

 Olive pants are surprisingly versatile. They can be worn just like black pants but without being heavy in appearance.  Any color you pair with black, you can pair with olive. In fact, more colors work with olive than black, such as navy and brown. 

 Olive pants will work for any skin tone. Near the face, olive can be a hit or miss.  However, with olive pants, the color is away from the face and allows you to have some fun and the opportunity to diversify your wardrobe!

 Olive is more flattering than khaki.  Khaki often becomes the go-to bottom color when you’re looking to add another neutral tone to your closet. Unfortunately, because it is such a light color, khaki can highlight areas that you may not want highlighted. But olive is richer and darker in tone, so you can actually minimize the areas you’d rather not be noticed.   

Here are the brands that we love - steals and splurges:

KUT 'Mia' Skinny Jeans

KUT 'Mia' Skinny Jeans

J.Crew Seamed Moto Pant

J.Crew Seamed Moto Pant

Paige 'Edgemont' Skinny Pant

Paige 'Edgemont' Skinny Pant

Pilcro High-Rise Sateen Jean

Pilcro High-Rise Sateen Jean

Ditch the Denim

JD's  Woman of the Week, Sara .  Wearing:  KUT Diana Emerald Skinny Cords.  Photo by: S. Gries

JD's Woman of the Week, Sara.  Wearing:  KUT Diana Emerald Skinny Cords.  Photo by: S. Gries

Fall is here and winter is just around the corner so it won't be long before its time to retire our denim jeans for the season. Fortunately, throwing a great pair of cords into your closet can make the days seem a little warmer and cozier. And because they’re just as comfortable and versatile as jeans, they’re going to be your go-to for the coming months. Here are my style tips on pairing your cool weather cords with pieces that will update your signature style.  

 Just Like Jeans. Have fun with color! Neutrals or deep jewel tone cords are on-trend. Pair with a basic t-shirt and tennis shoes for a relaxed look. Need to step it up a notch? Throw a cardigan on over the t-shirt, change to ballet flats or riding boots and finish the look with a fun ring and you’re out the door.  

 Refined With A Twist. Keep your look on-trend with slim-fitting cords … straight-leg or the skinny are both versatile and stylish. Remember to choose cords in a dark neutral color such as black, grey and chocolate brown to stay within the look. Make your statement with a bold necklace or stack on bracelets to finish the look.

Have Fun With Texture. Mix it up by combining your cords with pieces that have contrasting textures. Silk and satin blouses are perfect pairings for that more classic look. T-shirts or a comfy sweater will have you feeling warm and cozy this fall. Feeling flirty and need a more feminine look? Try a lace camisole or a top with sheer material. Perfect matches!

 Play Up The Color. Anytime you want to make a statement and demand to be noticed, slip on cords in a bold color such as emerald or magenta. Pair with a fitted moto or leather jacket. For a night out, switch to sexy heels or your coveted moto ankle boots.

Just Mascara

In 2009, my second son was a few months old.  One day, I was having a conversation with my mommy friend.  I went like this:

In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash - M.A.C.

In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash - M.A.C.

Friend: "You wear workout clothes everyday. You should wear jeans and a cute top sometime."

Janel:  "Why? I'm comfortable in these and I'm just at home with the boys."

Friend:  "Just try a different look. You have all these clothes in here (opening up my closet)."

Janel:  "I should try ... but it takes too much energy."

Friend:  "How about starting with mascara?"

Janel:  "Mascara? Why? I'm not going out."

Friend:  "But you are starting your day. Take those extra 30 seconds. You'll feel different. Trust me." 

So I did. Every morning. Whether I wanted to or not, the little voice said, "just mascara". Makeup or no makeup, my lashes were done. 

I own four tubes of mascara at all times. One in my car. One in my purse. One in my travel tote. One in my makeup drawer.  I do feel better. It's a reminder to take care of myself, even if it's just mascara.

Favorite Brands:  Perricon MD, Stila, Urban Decay Big Fatty, Blinc, M.A.C.

The Black Skinny

My favorite pair this fall is the Mia Black Skinny jean from KUT from the Kloth.  I absolutely love these jeans and shared my style tips for both day and night with KUT recently.  

For the day:  http://www.kutfromthekloth.com/blog/the-skinny-with-janel-part-1/

For a night out:


Oversized & Cozy

I’m a creature of comfort.  There’s nothing like waking up to a crisp fall morning and throwing on my oversized, cozy sweater.  It’s so comfy and I LOVE it.   Even better, my sweater can create many different looks for me this season.  Here are some pairings that I am going to have fun with this fall.

Oversized + Boyfriend Jeans:  a classic tomboy.  Throw on a messenger bag or slip on fun flats and head out for the day.  

Oversized + Skinny Jeans:  refined & relaxed.   Add a scarf and a simple silk blouse to add texture and just a hint of the classic feel.

Oversized + Colored Corduroy:  mixing textures and colors.  Add your favorite pair of boots and you are off to work.

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