Janel Dyan



Personal Style & Brand Consultancy

A personal brand is only half-full without style choices that fit you as you truly are.

Rather than put you on a cycle of buying new things, we unburden your wardrobe from what isn’t working and make smart choices with what is. With our help, clothing expenses go down over time because you’ll actually wear what you buy, in different ways for everything life throws at you. 

But the real value is ending second-guessing in front of the mirror, or looking away from that one piece you took a chance with in the store but never take out of the closet.

Fewer pieces and more possibilities that you can put on with confidence are what having a smarter style is all about. 

Corporate Style & Brand Consultancy

Personal style on the job communicates a brand as much as logos, graphics, and taglines. In fact, how your employees dress communicates faster than any other part of your brand: their appearance is read instantly and unconsciously as markers of capability, professionalism, and success. And yet, even with organizations with strong brands and strong people, there are individuals unsure of their appearance within public view. 

Our work changes that uncertainty into clarity and confidence so they can make the right impression as the stand up to represent your brand. When an organization’s brand and the personal style of it’s employees are aligned, they support each other with a message that is more coherent, expressive, and easily understood than any logo.


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