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Summertime casual in  Dean Faux Leather Moto Jacket.

Summertime casual in Dean Faux Leather Moto Jacket.

When working with clients to update their look, KUT from the Kloth is a perfect starting point.  KUT from the Kloth does an amazing job of designing on-trend pieces that fit all different kinds of women's bodies with a price point that doesn't break the bank.  

Be sure to check out my style tips and current crushes on KUT from the Kloth!  Below are some of my favorites!



The Truth About Olive Pants

These Mia Toothpick Skinny jeans in Olive are perfect in color and style. 

These Mia Toothpick Skinny jeans in Olive are perfect in color and style. 

 I am loving KUT from the Kloth’s Mia Toothpick skinnies in Olive.  They are the perfect color and style.  When I want a look that’s classic, comfy and easy to throw on, my favorite combo is my olive skinnies with a white t-shirt and light toned sweater.  This cozy-chic combo is always a win.

Olive is a must have neutral that belongs in every woman’s closet.  Click to read why.

Photo by: S. Gries  

Photo by: S. Gries  

Real People.  Real Style.

My passion for styling touches every area of my life. The thrill of refining and perfecting energizes me every single day. This passion has led me to a full redesign of my website – launching today! – where women looking to honor their true style can find style tips, resources, look book inspiration and, best of all, real life stories of women I have worked with to restyle their look and their wardrobes.

 In my Women of the Week section today, you’ll find the lovely and talented Sara, a mother of three who was oh-so-ready to re-do her look … and within a reasonable budget.

 “Janel started with my closet and helped me rediscover the pieces I loved and then helped me select new pieces to complete my own individual look.”

While working with clients, I am committed to guiding them in finding their signature style and then creating a real path to using that style to feel great every day, no matter what they’re doing.

“Janel gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and have fun with my style. Kut from the Kloth’s Diana Emerald Corduroy Skinnies were a big part of that fun new style. Easy to throw on, uncharacteristically (for me) colorful and completely within my budget, they are one of my new foundation pieces.” 

Read Sara’s full story and see her Look Book here. 


The Look with Janel:  Mia-in-the-night

After a long week, nothing is better than spending time with friends or going out on a date with my husband.

Here’s how it works in my world:

Friday evening is finally here. Work is done, boys are about to sit down for dinner, and the babysitter is arriving in 30 minutes. One look in the mirror and it’s simple: I’m not ready at all for my night out and I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to wear. I’m still feeling pretty awesome that I was even able to find a sitter, spend some quality time with the boys, and make dinner yet totally failed to figure out an outfit. I need it to be simple, I need to be able to throw it together quick AND I want to look effortless.

  1. I start with the foundation of the night’s look: Black skinny jeans, already have them on. Check.
  2. Change the top, step into some high heels; grab a clutch and a bit of jewelry, touch up the mascara and add lipstick. Done.
  3. 20 min later…kiss the boys good night, thank the babysitter and I’m out the door.
  4. Personal favorite: Black from head to toe. Black top, black skinny jeans & black heels seem to make any look exponentially sexier. Grab a killer coat for the chill outside. Gorgeous.



Black skinny jeans are super-trendy and a must in my closet this fall.  I love wearing them and I absolutely love the Mia skinny.

My daily schedule dictates my style:  classic with a twist of edgy.  During the day, I have two jobs – I am a Consultant.  I am a Mom.  I need to be able to meet a client for lunch right before I taxi the boys to their after school activities and/or throw a baseball with them in the backyard.

What I love about the Mia Skinny Jeans from KUT from the Kloth is this:  not only are they amazingly comfortable, they have a killer zipper pocket.  That zipper is a perfect accessory that can be styled so many different ways, and  I love that you can get so many looks with one pair of pants.

Mia Skinny Jeans are universally flattering for all body types and can be paired with absolutely everything in my closet.  If you’ve never owned a pair of skinny jeans, black is the perfect starting point.  Add a classic silk top with a moto jacket, an oversized cozy sweater or just a simple white t-shirt with a blazer and you're golden.  Slip on some ballet flats, add a simple necklace, a fun bracelet or pop color with a scarf to finish off the look and there you have it: a beautifully dressed woman from head to toe.

Keep it simple.  Feel beautiful.  Enjoy life’s daily chaos.

I first met Janel on a recent trip to the Bay Area. My sister-in-law, Cat, introduced us and as soon as we met, I was struck by her style and her fun, zesty vibe. We discussed all kinds of interests we share - from interiors, to landscaping, to architecture, to Los Angeles , to KUT denim and PHEW…it was a whirlwind of creativity and we parted ways feeling inspired.

I’m super excited for Janel right now as she’s just taken the leap into Bloggerhood!  Janel’s got that knack for putting clothes together and making cool, eclectic outfits from head to toe.  It’s going to be fun to watch her life unfold as she digs into the clash of textures, colors, styles, and breaking the rules.

Wishing Janel lots of success as she launches SimpleBeautifulChaos; here’s to a vibrant future!



KUT Blog Editor

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Janel, one of the awesome women we’ve added to our KUT Style Muse team. Janel embodies many of the qualities we love in a woman; we love her perspective, her style and how she lives her life. The bio she wrote below will give you a glimpse into who she is, and you can look forward to ongoing style features from Janel as the blog rolls along.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I’ve spent many years in LA, NY and Chicago. Clearly there’s a big city theme; I love being part of the hustle and bustle! Now that my family and I have settled back in the Bay Area, I’m thrilled that my children will grow up with extended family and access to many wonderful opportunities nearby.

I love to inspire women and help them find their personal style. My mission is to teach my clients how to look the way that they feel and feel great in the clothes that they wear. There’s nothing better than to see women smile, watch them walk taller, exude more confidence, and embrace their beauty.

When I’m working with clients to update their look, KUT from the Kloth is a perfect starting point. KUT does an amazing job of designing on-trend pieces that fit all different kinds of women’s bodies with a price point that doesn’t break the bank.



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