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Disrupt what is / Define what will be

A female-founded and run company, Janel Dyan, Inc. is a style and brand consultancy committed to disrupting how people make fashion work for them through thought leadership, high-touch personalized service, and custom technology.

Focused on inclusion, diversity, and empowerment for all ages and sizes, we are building a platform for a new kind of conscious retailing. Our approach sidesteps high-fashion and shopping sprees, instead going to the heart of who our clients are and the demands of their lives.  

The results are game-changing. With style choices and looks that truly fit who they are, our clients meet every day with the confidence and energy that comes from being ready to live their best day yet.

We may serve fewer clients than other stylists, but we cannot work any other way; we do it because we have to.


Discover Janel

As founder and CEO of Janel Dyan, Inc., Janel provides transformative brand and style consultation to high-visibility clients across industry, politics, and social causes. Janel’s work is seen by millions through the public appearances of Fortune 500 companies, United Nations and World Economic Forum members, actors, technology executives, and leaders in social change.

After breaking from her previous work in Organizational Development Consulting for technology and entertainment companies, Janel redefined her career in the Bay Area to build on her talent for helping others discover an empowering, practical, and forward-looking personal style.  


Having lived and worked in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Janel currently resides in her native California with her husband and two boys.


What's our 'Why'?

The Janel Dyan team's purpose is bigger and beyond any one client, any one success. It’s not a magic formula, it’s straight-up believing in the dreams, aspirations, and eventual success of our clients and staff. It’s knowing the change that happens when, after years of saying “maybe not me, maybe not now”, you start saying “Yes, I’m Ready.”

There’s a sound we hear our whole lives and 99% of the time we tune it out: our gut instinct. But when you realize that you don’t need permission, you don’t need to wait, that you’ve got this, that’s the moment you feel free and fearless. And it feels good. It’s the moment that you’re ready.

Because you know, deep down, that the style we put on says things to the world and to ourselves. Over time we stop hearing what our style says about us. Janel Dyan knows how to stop the noise, listen to you, and create looks that send a message of genuine comfort, confidence, and verve. That’s what our work does.


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