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Current Crushes

Conversation Starters

I am always looking for the cool and different.  Pieces that start a conversation.  Accessories that demand to be seen. Here are a few that I am loving this fall.

Jack Spade Mason Davis Leather Briefcase in Black

Jack Spade Mason Davis Leather Briefcase in Black

Commute with Sytle

Clean, simple and understated in its design, Jack Spade hit a home run with this Mason Davis Leather Briefcase.  The color, texture and style creates a casual, yet sophisticated look.  With bright blue piping and small pops of orange - this bad boy is a perfect gift for under the tree.  

Happy Holidays!  

JCrew grey blazer & silk blouse,  AG Skinny Boyfriend jeans, Blankshoppe necklace

JCrew grey blazer & silk blouse,  AG Skinny Boyfriend jeans, Blankshoppe necklace

Loving Local & Feeling Blue

My accessories are simple and understated when I'm working - grey blazer, silk blouse, skinny jeans & flats. Thanks to Julian Irvann, Manager of Storenvy Pop Up, I picked up this necklace at a corporate event in San Francisco last month.  I loved it so much, I wore it that night!    

Visit the store or see it online Storenvy Pop Up

Featherweight T-shirts

Janel Dyan is constantly searching for small local businesses that are making their mark in the fashion industry.  Featherweight Clothing Co. is one of them.  All products are made in the USA, with their suppliers located locally in Marin County, California.  Krissy Teegerstrom's passion and devotion to repurposing vintage clothing can been seen in her designs. 


If you haven't seen Featherweight Clothing Co. in Urban Outfitters, you may have seen Eddie Vedder sporting one of their designs on the cover of Billboard Magazine.  

Click here to check out Featherweight Clothing Co.

A Bold Move for the Holidays

Finally able to take this amazing cocktail ring home today thanks to Patronik Designs.  Nick, you have done it again and continue to be my source for the unique and bold.  



A perfect hostess gift for all occasions. 

A perfect hostess gift for all occasions. 


Able to grab a few hours away from the kids and I found this awesome piece!  A killer tote AND a wine bottle cooler!  Really?  Within the budget, great hostess gifts and I'm set for the holidays.  


Fashion & Function

My mother is visually impaired, though you would never know.  She has taught me that instead of hiding your disabilities, you can make them your accessory.  This killer magnifying glass helps her read restaurant menus while out with her friends.  

Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Palo Alto.  


Little Zipped Pouches

Changing purses or switching to a tote bag can be a daily event in my world.  Whether I'm meeting a client, volunteering at school or heading over to soccer practice, it's essential that this transfer can be done quickly and effectively.  

Enter Lady Alamo Little Zip Pouches.  A local company, started in San Francisco in 2011, these pouches are amazing.  Simple construction, natural materials and cool colors/designs - it's a must for any bag!


Little Gems - Big Statements

Now, this is a bracelet I HAD to have!  

I have worn this beauty in Hawaii, at the Kentucky Derby watching California Chrome take the race and last month at a wedding in Sonoma.  Paired with skinny jeans and a white tank top or your little black dress, it's a must this season!  

Great conversation starter, incredible design and a beautiful piece.  Classic yet edgy.  Worth every penny...enjoy! 

Cynthia Rowley Flask Bracelet

MW Signature Key Ring

The Maggie Wilson Signature Key Ring is an essential part of my daily life.  Not only is this key ring simple and well-made with great color options, it continues to make my life easier.  Reach into your large tote bag and quickly feel for the leather ring, throw it on as a bracelet when you need two hands with the kids or slip the key ring into your back pocket as you walk around.  

Maggie Wilson Signature Key Ring

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