Janel Dyan


Ambition and Drive

When I launched Janel Dyan, Inc. in 2014, I knew we would only succeed if the company was led by strong, passionate, and gritty women. I knew that in order to empower and inspire clients, the team would need to be empowered as much as inspired themselves; these qualities need to be real, they can’t be forced. And so, every woman on the team has found her place organically, through shared values, genuine love of fashion, a belief in female empowerment, and pure drive. We’re a strong team, and we work hard to embolden our clients — many working in the male-dominated tech industry and politics — to rise above stereotypes and help create an ecosystem where not one or two, but all women can thrive.

Clients are often surprised that our initial focus is not just outward appearance. We start so much deeper than that. What is her story? What are her goals, her loves, her fears — and her obstacles? Then, together, we set about tackling those fears and obstacles. We inspire our clients with our articles about movements like “Time’s Up” and “Me Too”. We write weekly articles about inspiring women that we post under the hashtag #WCIW (Women Crushing It Wednesday). When they work with us, our clients know they’re not alone. They have a support system, a confirmation of their drive and ambition, and the encouragement to have grit.

When it is time to build their outfits, we find pieces that don’t just fit “body type” or “complexion;” but that will also feed her soul. Pieces that have stories of their own, whether they are sustainably made, the work of female designers or women of color, or pieces that, when purchased, give back to the community in some way. The result is something more than just looking good. We help these incredible women step into the boardroom or studio or stage with confidence, elegance, power, and most importantly, a defined sense of self.

We put no stock in the stereotypes that have long-plagued women in business: the dragon lady, the cold backstabber, the ruthless workaholic. When we work together — when we help each other — we all win. We encourage our clients to lean on us, and, in turn, they become mentors for other women to lean on. When our clients succeed, we succeed, and women succeed.

That’s the real core of what we are doing. Together, we embrace ambition, overcome odds, and send those stereotypes into history.


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