Janel Dyan


Coach: The Rebirth of an American Luxury Brand

When you think of the brand Coach, you probably think about a crowded mall shop, the smell of the food court nearby, and that “C” logo. You may think about Coach as an oversaturated brand, well past its prime, that is now a relic of what might have once been a solid leather goods company. We can’t believe we are saying it either... but... Coach is cool again!

Creative Director, Stuart Vevers (formerly of Loewe), has succeeded in droves in the rebirth of Coach. Beginning in NYC, the brand constructed and renovated their flagship stores to reflect their new, elevated aesthetic. The results were rich, sumptuous new spaces to house Vevers’ lines, which return to the roots of the company with an updated edge. Vevers has embraced Coach’s history of high quality, American leatherwork and is firmly establishing the brand as an “American luxury” brand... which is to say “luxury without the elitism”. Vevers has said of his mission, “I am not interested in making a lesser version of European luxury. I want to make a different version of luxury — not exclusive but inclusive.”

Thus far, Vevers has been incredibly successful with his rebranding. Coach has been producing far less garish “C” logo handbags, in exchange for classic, elegant, understated silhouettes in butter-soft, richly colored leathers and suedes. He even gave the 75-year-old American leather goods company a new mascot: a T-Rex skeleton named Rexy! Vevers has also reimagined Coach’s classic symbols (think flowers and carriages) into modern, crafted-leather add-ons. The company is also working to remind customers that they stand behind their leather goods for life — offering complimentary cleaning and maintenance, which is recommended every three months to optimally maintain a well-loved bag. Each bag also has a year-long warranty for any faulty hardware.

Coach is experiencing a Renaissance that shows no signs of slowing down and the change can be seen, and felt, in the quality of the leather handbags, luxe leather jackets, and fun ready-to-wear collections currently stocking the shelves. So, as we head into summer we think you should definitely give the new line, and Rexy, a chance. We think you’ll love what you’ll see. 



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