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Creating a Brand: You

Recently, I was asked to share my thoughts on how to create your brand when life throws you a curve ball, such as divorce, and starting over is your only option. Read, share and keep talking about it - you never know who may just need a conversation started.


Janel Dyan, Inc., a Brand & Style Consultancy based in the Bay Area, recommends that when women rediscover who they are, they can redefine themselves while moving forward. Working to blend fashion sense, technology and brand savviness, Janel Dyan helps women learn how to elevate their personal brand that will bring confidence into the interview.

A woman’s style on the job communicates a brand as much as logos, graphics, and taglines. In fact, how you dress communicates faster than any other part of your brand. Her appearance is read instantly and unconsciously by audiences as markers of capability, professionalism, and success.
— Janel Lehman, President & Founder

Janel notes that women store a lot of emotion in their clothing. That emotion, even if it's subconscious, can really affect a woman’s energy when they open their closets and when they wear certain pieces. 

When rediscovering herself, as a new chapter in life begins, it is absolutely vital for a woman to know what's in her closet and how it's affecting her emotions, her energy, and the way she’s presenting herself to the world. Confidence and natural ease of a well-styled woman transforms her entire presentation so that her talent and accomplishments can be clearly seen.

Whether a woman feels ready to take on the world or lost and confused — the point is that that woman’s life is no longer how she pictured it would be. She now has two options: accept what is or define what will be.

Here are Janel’s recommended first steps that a woman should take in this situation:

  1. Take everything out of your closet. Everything. Lay it all out in front of you. Then, take a look at it all and find the pieces that bring you joy... that make you smile..that allow you to remember an event that brought you laughter. THOSE are the items that go back into your closet. THOSE are the pieces that you wear moving forward.
  2. Put all the other items in bags—trash bags, tote bags—and move them out of your room. Do not look at them or wear them for two weeks. How do you feel? Lighter? Happier? Now... pay it forward. Take those bags and donate to a charity that helps other women, that can bring joy to others. Empowerment paid forward.

Janel notes, “You do not need permission, you do not need to wait. You are ready to do this, because you have to.”

To learn more, read the extended article at the Child Help Law Center.

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