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Vacation & Stay-cation Essentials!

School’s out, sun’s out, and it’s time to hit the beach, the pool, and the Pina Coladas! What a perfect opportunity to rock your amazing style. Here are JD’s five essential must haves for Summer vacation or staycation.


An oversized tote

An oversized tote can definitely become your summer go-to... it’s your beach tote, shopping tote, and carry-on all-in-one! Choose one with a zippered top to get more bang for your buck... and security for your buck, too!

JD’s Tip:  Store your ID, credit cards, cash, and other wallet and purse essentials in a small clutch or cosmetic case. Toss it into your tote to keep organized and simply pull it out when you’re ready to go out for the evening or when you want to switch handbags.
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A gorgeous maxi dress

We know, we know… you may not think you can pull off a maxi dress… but you can, and it’s 100% a Summer essential. When maxi shopping, look for styles that flatter your shape. If you’re tall, look for extra long and flowy styles. Pair with a strappy, flat sandal. If you’re concerned about your tummy, look for empire-waist styles that are cinched just under the bust and loose and flowy in the skirt. If you’re petite, go for vertical stripes to elongate your body, and never underestimate the power of a quick hem for the perfect length! Wear with a nude or metallic wedge or heeled strappy sandal. Hem to just above the sole of the shoe for extreme lengthening.

JD’s tip: Maximize your maxi! Wear your maxi as a cover-up over your swimsuit during the day, then switch it up with a long, fun earring at night.

A killer swimsuit

Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got in a two-piece or a low-cut one-piece. For a flattering fit, look for suits that are well-made from brands that are known for their swimwear. Onia, Vix Swimwear, Magicsuit, and Kiini are some great brands to try.

JD’s tip: If you’re curvy and want to pull of a two piece, look for a high-waisted bottom that covers your navel, and a top with plenty of support for “the girls”. If you’re petite, look for a one-piece or bottom cut high on your hip to elongate the leg.

A metallic wedge or flat sandal

You can pair a metallic strappy sandal or wedge with almost any Summer ensemble to add polish and a little shine. Soft, yellow gold glows on most skin tones or look for rose gold to be a bit more trendy.

JD’s tip: If you’re not a gold lover, silver pairs well with very light skin tones and very dark skin tones. To pull off silver, pair with cool jewel tones like sapphire blue as opposed to warmer tones like ruby.

A silk scarf with a colorful print

A silk scarf can be an incredibly versatile accessory for wherever you may be. You can knot it around your neck for a pop-of-color with a white sundress, wrap it around your head for a fun, vintage-inspired turban, or wrap it around your wrist as a cool play on a bracelet. Look for a large, square variety in a Summery print.

JD’s tip: Want to hold onto your scarf for later, or just want a pop-of-color without actually wearing your scarf? Simply wrap it tightly around one of the handles of your handbag; tie it off with a flowy flourish!

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