Janel Dyan


Spring/Summer 2017

As generations did before us, New Yorkers turn to art, music, literature, and, of course, fashion for emotional outlets in times of turmoil and uncertainty. Designers use their hopes, fears, dreams, and even rage in their work and it shows in their collections. There is no question that we are living in troubling times.  The fear and anxiety are palpable on the streets of New York. Through this, we remain strong. We remain united. And we remain committed to leading the world in living in harmony with every culture, color, and belief system imaginable. Through our clothes we express ourselves—our creativity, our causes, our dreams, our solidarity, our outrage.  We use fashion to distract us from the weight of the world. So from the Dominican bodegas on 207th Street, to the glimmering beacon of the World Trade Center, to that eponymous dark tower on Fifth Avenue... New Yorkers continue to set the pace for the fashion world. Here’s what we’re wearing...


Sheerly Sensational

From see-through gowns to peekaboo ponchos, sheer fabric could be found on nearly every runway this season. So whether you’re only comfortable with a see-through sleeve, or you're going all-in with the season’s hottest accessory (nipples)... this trend is truly a must have. And don't expect this one to go away anytime soon... designers are continuing to go sheer well into Fall!

Hueless Light - AKA White

Go for Goddess-like in Summer’s hottest (lack of) color! From ivory and eggshell to vanilla cream and stark, it's going to be a white out!  Don't be afraid to go white on white, or throw on a white bag, hat, or sandal. Don't forget your sunglasses because this trend is blinding!

Punk Pilgrim

Rock and Roll style has been trending for awhile now...bow blouses, vests, bell bottom jeans...but now, we’re going Punk with a dash of old-world Puritan. From religious-like hats to Plymouth Rock-inspired collars, the runways were covered in fun, funky Punk Pilgrim pickings!

Denim Dream

Yes, yes, denim is always "in" in one form or another... but this season we’re going deep into denim. Don't worry, the time hasn't come to air out those 1980s Canadian tuxedos... but denim dresses, denim skirts, denim jackets, and denim tops are definitely a resounding YES!


After months of menswear-inspired looks, the femininity has finally arrived! Many designers embraced ultra-girly dreamscapes this season that feel not only pretty, but refreshing and modern.  Look for pieces that are flowy, wispy, creative, ethereal, and inspired. This trend can be as abstract as you like...which makes it super fun!

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