Janel Dyan


High Fashion Finally Meets Silicon Valley

It’s fashion week. Sitting in the middle of Battery Park at a couture runway show, I’m a minority with my thinking — How can I take what’s in front of me and bring it to Silicon Valley?

Confused looks from designers and stylist peers come standard when I explain what I do. Bringing runway looks to a place known for the absence of them seems like an anomaly. Jeans, hoodies and accessories that need to be charged may be commonplace in a San Francisco boardroom, but my growing client requests for mixing in designer pieces are a sort of mini reckoning for high fashion in the area.

Regardless of who I’m working with, I live by one inviolate fashion rule — don’t forget yourself. Style may be personal, but the reason it’s such a labored decision has nothing to do with clothes. Personal style is your edge. It’s the tip of the iceberg of who you are. My clients are bonded by their similar goals — they’re executives that care about looking the part.

Leaving Battery Park, I head over to Intermix to meet with Maggie, a trusted partner that understands my predicament. We go over the major five trends that designers brought to life and brainstorm appropriate looks to bring back to San Francisco — decadence, menswear with a twist, lingerie, military inspired, and 90s meets 70s.

It’s fitting that Maggie and I are ending fashion week by preparing clients for their own kind of fashion week – Dreamforce. The world’s biggest software conference doubles as the biggest week-long stage for the technology industry. It’s a nearly 200,000-strong melting pot of entrepreneurs, celebrities, executives, thought leaders, and technology aficionados, all with a personal reason to be there.

When I’m helping someone dress for their own stage, it’s important to balance fashion and comfort. With Dreamforce on the horizon, many of my clients are getting their looks organized and I’m excited to share a few of my favorites.


Day to night

Ditching denim during the day isn’t necessary, but evening events are a great opportunity to put a fancy foot forward.

One jacket: two looks

You can change up your look without changing every piece. A signature jacket can double up from day to evening.

One blouse: two looks

Instead of lending the same jacket to multiple looks, try mixing up everything but your blouse. Accessories can make a look translate from day to night without a major change.

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