Janel Dyan


The Pajama Trend: Perfecting the Effortless Look

Nothing beats the comfort of pajamas! Let’s admit it, we all want a piece of it in our wardrobe. Perhaps it's because of the silky textures, wide-leg and button-down casual style, or the feeling of wearing the most comfortable separates all day long, the challenge is how to bring them out of the bedroom and into your daily wardrobe. From coordinating loose layers to finding the right textures, it is essential that your look doesn’t look like you actually just rolled out of bed. Here’s a few simple ways to pull off a cool, comfy and fabulous look this Spring!

Avoid looking like you rolled out of bed.

If you're going to wear pajamas-ensembles pieces, make sure there are NO wrinkles. Steam or iron any creases out. There's a difference between the lived-in and polished look, and that's the deciding factor.  Crumpled and frumpy needs to be left in your pajama drawer.

Keep one element refined.

Pajama pants are naturally loose and silky, so balance your outfit with one element that is refined.  Whether it is a tailored blazer, a bold necklace or nude lips - there needs to be a mix of casual and classic components in the look. If all the items are slouchy, you will look messy.  My favorite: adding some killer pointed-toe pump that can elevate the look, making it day/night appropriate.

Pay close attention to the fabric.

For a more formal, elegant take on the silhouette, opt for silk materials and delicate detailing, while a more casual vibe may call for a stiffer cotton and colorful piped detail.

Layering. Accentuate.

Pajama shirts are usually baggy and loose. Try to layer them under dresses, sweaters or vests. Pulling them in, accentuates your figure, smooths them out, and gives them shape.

Pajamas MUST BE loose. 

Avoid at all circumstances a tight pajama piece. Pants, shorts, blouses, should be loose and flowy. Enjoy this trend that benefits all body types, by letting the silk flow.


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