Janel Dyan


The Bright Side of Rainy Days

The rain took people on their commute by surprise this morning in the Bay Area, with many now sitting in soggy outfits for the day.  I think we can all agree: rainy and windy weather can make your day a bit of a drag. So while you could throw on rain boots and an old raincoat you’re not thrilled about, here are some tips on how to stand out in a sea of black umbrellas.

Stand out with color.  Pops of color, either all over or in details like the piping or interior, create interest. Color just feels cheery on days when it seams like the rain won't go away.  Let's face it - you go to work in it, shop in it and probably rely on it, so why not stand out and have some fun with fashion! 

Layer up.  Layers are key almost year-round here in the Bay Area, but particularly as Fall turns into Winter.  It’s not that cold right now, but with the wind and rain - temperatures can drop.  Light, simple layers will keep you warm outside but are easy to take off before you start to sweat indoors.  

Invest in a bubble umbrella.  Bubble umbrellas come down around you, meaning you’ll stay cocooned from the rain without bumping and poking others around you.  They will also shield your hair from the wind.  

Stay away from suede.  Suede bags, shoes or boots will be destroyed by the wet weather.  Even the best protectant spray can only do so much. So, opt on leaving those gorgeous shoes at home.  Leather is quite resistant and easy to literally towel dry when wet. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having wet feet all day.

It's perfect trench coat weather. You can't go wrong with a classic trench coat.  Not too warm and not too light, this is a really good investment for these situations.  

Throw on a scarf.  My wardrobe is mostly made up of neutrals like black, grey, navy, camel and white. Throwing on a bold, bright scarf can inject a pop of color for your day.

Rock what you love.  Always add something that will make you smile, like a statement necklace, cute earrings or bright nail polish!  Anything that will get you out of the rainy day gloom.  

Patterns or metallics.  For those who want to be bold, look for bright hues and quirky style updates such as bold checks or plastic and metallic fabrics. 

Pick something tailored.  Avoid wearing anything that drags along the ground like long trousers, a maxi skirt or your favorite bootcut jeans. Spending the day with wet socks and ankles is not fun.  More tailored cuffs will save you from being bothered on wet days.  

Here’s to looking good and staying dry!  xx -j

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