Janel Dyan


Cuffed Jeans: Three quick ways to roll them!

As we head into October and the Fall season begins, the key to pulling off that street style look is to know how to rock your closet full of denim jeans (yes, we all have more than a few pairs in our closets!).  From true blues, playful prints and autumn colors to slim silhouettes and relaxed boyfriend fits.  There is a style for everyone, for every occasion.  

Like many of us, it has taken some time to figure out the best denim that fits our body type.  So now its time to turn your focus to styling.  How do you revamp your look without spending any money?  Play with how you cuff your jeans!  Its an easy way to breathe new life into your beloved denim and it takes less than a minute.  

Here are a three ways to cuff those pants and rock your own style.  

*  A super skinny cuff, think a double half-inch cuff, works best with streamlined silhouette.  

*  The wide cuff works best with wide-leg denim, roll a double two inch cuff.  

*  The roll-it-up cuff, double messy one-inch cuff, works on your relaxed boyfriend jeans.   

The season has changed but your love of your worn-in denim doesn't have too... Happy Fall!  xx

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