Janel Dyan


The memories are still vivid. The jewelry, I still wear.

Many of my most significant memories with my grandmother as a little girl was when we would spend hours combing through her jewelry.  She taught me how to keep it simple, that statement pieces are meant to add a little sparkle while still allowing your personality to shine through, how to mix antique and modern, costume and real and somehow make it all work.

My passion for jewelry and the meaning attached to different keepsakes was passed down to me during those lazy afternoons when my grandmother would lay her jewelry on her bed.  Of the many amazingly beautiful pieces, there are a few that I remember her wearing throughout my childhood; the tiger eye pendant that I would hold while she rocked me to sleep, her coral statement ring and the “cling clang” of her gold bracelets while she was working in the kitchen.  

These were the moments, the simple ones that I remember when I slide her ring onto my finger, rock her tiger eye necklace and proudly “cling clang” those bracelets in the kitchen. Sometimes fashion is about wearing what means the most to you. They tell a story about who you are. I wear these pieces to remember her and remind me of our time together.

Grandma, you are with me everyday and I am grateful.  xx.



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