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Janel Dyan


Disconnect While Staying Connected

I am a mom of two boys and I have lots of different parts to my day. I drop off kids at school, I go to work, I go to the grocery store, I go to soccer practice. I love my smartphone, and it’s enabled me to work in a way I wouldn’t have dreamed possible a decade ago.

My Pebble Time smartwatch allows me to focus on what matters the most.  

My Pebble Time smartwatch allows me to focus on what matters the most.  

The goal has always been to stay connected — without ever missing the important things.  My smartphone does allow me to leave work for the field trip without missing that client call I’ve been waiting for, but only if I explore the local zoo with the phone in my hand. It has allowed me to attend meetings even when the school nurse could call at any moment, but only if my phone is on my desk.  So, as present as I feel I am, I know I am not fully disengaged because my phone has to be out or visible at all times.

For me, being able to put my phone away with the reassurance that my wearable tech accessory will let me know that the call or text I am waiting for has come in is invaluable to the quality of my everyday life.  The key is being discrete in the notification so as not to interrupt what I am doing or whom I am spending time with.  


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