Janel Dyan


The Moto Jacket

When a moto jacket is fashioned in a different color, leather or in a softer fabric, your look can go sophisticated, playful, refined or casual.  Every woman can pull of a great look with a moto jacket, just pay attention to the other pieces and accessories that you pair with the jacket.  Not  sure which look you like?  Read on for our style tips!

Serious and Professional

Find a jacket with styling in a refined textile such as wool or linen, or even a sweater knit or tweed print, to give it a suit-jacket image.  Stick to quiet, classic corporate neutrals.  

Feminine and Sporty

Styling clothes these days is a lot about contradictions.  You have a pretty, soft silky feminine blouse so you want to contrast this with something opposite to look modern.  Try to pair that drapey, silk top with a form-fitting sporty moto jacket.  It adds just that slight bit of edge.  

Casual and Laid Back

Most people see the motorcycle jacket as having such impact that it could not possibly work in a casual wardrobe.  This is not the case; variations in color and fabric make moto styling on a jacket work with even the simplest of wardrobes.

Try a jacket in corduroy or cotton.  Wear it with a tee and jeans, khakis, army green, or even sweatpants.  I’ve paired my KUT Moto Jacket with their olive green Mia Skinny jeans and love the look.  Not sure about olive?  Check out my top three reasons why you should add a pair to your wardrobe this fall.



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