Janel Dyan


The Truth about Olive

Earthy, neutral tones create the foundation of your wardrobe; the colors black, grey, navy and white are the usual favorites. And yet olive is about as earthy and muted as a color can be and has the advantage of adding some diversity to your style when constructing a classic look. Here are three reasons why you should add a pair of olive pants to your wardrobe this fall.

Olive pants are surprisingly versatile. They can be worn just like black pants but without being heavy in appearance.  Any color you pair with black, you can pair with olive. In fact, more colors work with olive than black, such as navy and brown.

Olive pants will work for any skin tone. Near the face, olive can be a hit or miss.  However, with olive pants, the color is away from the face and allows you to have some fun and the opportunity to diversify your wardrobe!

Olive is more flattering than khaki.  Khaki often becomes the go-to bottom color when you’re looking to add another neutral tone to your closet. Unfortunately, because it is such a light color, khaki can highlight areas that you may not want highlighted. But olive is richer and darker in tone, so you can actually minimize the areas you’d rather not be noticed.   

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