Janel Dyan


Just Mascara

In 2009, my second son was a few months old.  One day, I was having a conversation with my mommy friend.  I went like this:

Friend: "You wear workout clothes everyday. You should wear jeans and a cute top sometime."

  In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash - M.A.C.

In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash - M.A.C.

Janel:  "Why? I'm comfortable in these and I'm just at home with the boys."

Friend:  "Just try a different look. You have all these clothes in here (opening up my closet)."

Janel:  "I should try ... but it takes too much energy."

Friend:  "How about starting with mascara?"

Janel:  "Mascara? Why? I'm not going out."

Friend:  "But you are starting your day. Take those extra 30 seconds. You'll feel different. Trust me." 

So I did. Every morning. Whether I wanted to or not, the little voice said, "just mascara". Makeup or no makeup, my lashes were done. 

I own four tubes of mascara at all times. One in my car. One in my purse. One in my travel tote. One in my makeup drawer.  I do feel better. It's a reminder to take care of myself, even if it's just mascara.

Favorite Brands:  Perricon MDStilaUrban Decay Big FattyBlincM.A.C.

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