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Janel Dyan


Jumpstart Your Fashion and Style

2015 is the year to rediscover who you are by taking a look at what you wear. As a stylist, I am elbow-deep in client closets on a regular basis.  I help clients edit their wardrobes, educate them about the fits and cuts of clothes that work best for them and I build outfits that help the client utilize their attire and accessories to the fullest extent. 

Here’s the advice that I give my clients: start with what you already have - your current wardrobe - and challenge your beliefs about yourself, your body and your style. 

Take a look at the top three reasons why your first step begins with a closet purge:

-Find forgotten treasures in your closet; these could be the key pieces to your best outfits.

-De-clutter and simplify to make your mornings much easier and less stressful.

-Create your own picture-perfect style where you love each and every piece you own.

Need a push? This is the perfect week to make an appointment with Janel Dyan.  We’ll walk through your closet in a few hours and help you get on your way to a tip-top, ready-for-winter wardrobe! 

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