Janel Dyan


Closet Overflow - How Much is Too Much

How many of us have a closet full of clothes and cant remember the last time we wore most of the items? If this is true for you, youre not alone. Every client Ive ever worked with keeps clothes they havent worn in ages and they just cant bear to let them go. And yet, sometimes we have to get rid of the old if we want to make room for the new.  

So the big question is always how do we do it?  Here are the most common reasons for closet overflow and my answers to each statement.

“It has sentimental meaning” 

Choose the things that mean the most to you and capture the essence of that period of time. Be strategic about what you keep. Think highest value and best memories.

“One day it will fit again”

If it doesnt fit now and you arent taking serious steps to get back to that size, just get rid of it.  Of course, if your favorite pair of skinny jeans or favorite dress gives you motivation, then keep it. But remember, every item cant be motivational. A closet full of too-tiny clothes is actually terribly defeating.  Also, there will probably be something you like more once you get back to that size.

“Styles always come back” 

As you think about what to keep, stay focused on what to wear now.  If the closet is full of stuff that you might wear one day, then youre probably losing track of the stuff you can and should - wear now.

“No time to go through the closet” One strategy to combat this is to go through the closet in 15-minute increments daily.  The closet wont be cleaned and organized overnight but you wont be overwhelmed by the task and you will still be making steady progress.

My advice: start thinking quality not quantity. Its much better to have a closet full of staple pieces that can be worn more than once or twice. Think value for the wear and how you can be creative with fewer items.  

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