Janel Dyan


The Jumpsuit: a How-To

"I really should get myself a jumpsuit but it wouldn't look as good on me as it does on her."

Admit it, we have all said this.

Jumpsuits, in fact, work for everybody — no matter what your body type. Jumpsuits are everywhere right now, but they can be a little intimidating if you've never worn one before. Don't be nervous! They can be totally feminine and sophisticated in the right cuts and with the right styling.

-Define your waist-
A slouchy, straight-up-and-down jumpsuit can be cool too, but cinching in the waist is a great way to define your shape and add a little extra femininity to your look. Belts are the go-to, of course, but tying a lightweight jacket or shirt around your waist can look pretty chic too and it has the added benefit of hiding that whole oblong-butt thing that sometimes happens when you cinch in the waist on a loose, flowy jumpsuit.

For tall girls:

It's no surprise that almost any jumpsuit — no matter the cut or color — will look great on tall girls. A good tip in general is that it's the neckline that creates the focus. If you want to draw attention up toward your face, opt for a higher neckline. Also, make sure that the top and bottom are balanced. If the top is loose, you should go with a tighter bottom and vice versa.

For petite girls:

A solid one-piece can actually be very elongating, since it creates an unbroken, vertical line. You'll also want to go with a skinnier leg, since wider options can often overpower a small frame.

For those curves:

Go with a killer, waist-defining belt.  Try rocking patterns too - focus on a small print, such as polka dots or florals, as a fun way to spice things up.

For the weekend:

The two laziest days of the week. If you truly need to venture out of the house, a chic, drawstring jumpsuit is a girl's best friend. Go with something that's loose enough that you won't feel uncomfortable but tight enough to show off your shape and not look like you're wearing a onesie.

  • Just add a heel
    • When in doubt, add a high heel — even the most utilitarian-looking jumpsuit can be completely transformed by a good pair of heels.
  • Choose a feminine print
    • Polka dots, florals, hearts, kisses, whatever. A good, feminine print can make even the most masculine silhouette look totally girly. Also, backless is always feminine.
  • Mix hard and soft
    • A leather jacket and chunky metallic jewelry are great for adding a little edge to a feminine and flowy pastel jumpsuit.



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