Janel Dyan


The Search for the Perfect Hoodie

Hoodie. noun [hu̇-dē] : a hooded sweatshirt.

A hoodie is technically a hooded sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket... but it's really so much more. Everyone has a favorite hoodie. It becomes your go-to when you need to cozy up on those cold winter days or when you want to feel a little more comfortable after squeezing into your last pair of clean skinny jeans that don’t exactly fit.

We all have one, hanging in a closet or stuffed in a drawer. We wear them around the house, to yoga, to go shopping and to concerts. And the sweatshirt is evolving: new styles are becoming more chic and elegant, bringing them into the sphere of actual fashion!

Recently, the JD team set out on a quest to find the perfect hoodie for Campaign Monitor, a San Francisco-based company. Because they needed a San Fran feel for their company hoodie, we began by sourcing brands based in the Bay Area. We found a number of great hoodies, but our favorites were from American Giant and Betabrand.

We loved the weight and classic style of the American Giant hoodies which are perfect for San Francisco’s crazy, unpredictable weather.  American Giant perfected a proprietary 100% cotton fabric that proves out its claim to the the world’s highest quality hoodie.  They are made to last decades, get better with age, and fit as if they were custom made.

Betabrand offered a number of very stylish hoodies such as the “Hoodigan," which combines a hoodie and a cardigan and the "MISSanthrope" which has an offset zipper and reflective piping for those who bike around SF. On top of these great hoodie options, Betabrand also carries the “Flashback Photobomber Jacket."  The fabric of this hoodie is coated with glass nanospheres that are energized by a camera’s flash. When the nanospheres are activated, the hoodie becomes ultra reflective, causing the the hoodie to appear blindingly white and throwing the subject's face into deep shadow.  Paparazzi be gone!  It keeps the classic hoodie look, but offers a very cool, very innovative and virtually invisible technology.  

We loved all these styles but finally settled on the Flashback Photobomber hoodie from Betabrand for Campaign Monitor.

Now, here are 10 tips to help you style your favorite hoodie.

  1. Roll up a pair of boyfriend jeans and add a pair of bold heels to make a sweatshirt stand out.
  2. Adding fun accessories to a sweatshirt and jeans is an easy way to dress things up.  Try a patterned scarf or accessories to make a killer statement.  
  3. Layer your sweatshirt under a denim or leather jacket, and add slip-on sneakers for a casual vibe.
  4. Add leather or pleather pants and a statement necklace and even a sweatshirt looks dressy.
  5. You can make a sweatshirt look professional and work-appropriate by wearing it with a pencil skirt and heels.
  6. A sweatshirt looks so awesome front-tucked into a skater skirt.  Add flats for a comfy outfit.
  7. Layer a fitted sweatshirt over a plaid shirt, leaving the collar and bottom peeking out.  Throw on some sneakers and it’s perfection for Fall!
  8. For a casual but cute outfit, wear your sweatshirt with printed jeans and a beanie.
  9. Keep things super simple by just adding a pair of adorable heels.  This couldn’t be easier!
  10. Layer your sweatshirt over another shirt and add a pair of flats for a simple look that isn’t too casual.  



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