Janel Dyan


"I have no sense of fashion."

 Photo Credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Photo Credit: Carol Erdie Photography

Many of us define “fashion” as the exclusive arena of those creative and bold enough in New York, London and Paris. Yet we compare ourselves to the runways, the fashion bloggers, and the fashion magazines and soon become overwhelmed, insecure, and mired in how to apply the looks we love to our everyday life. 

Let’s redefine fashion. 

Fashion is fun…every woman should embrace it! A form of self-expression, your style tells the story of who you are. Fashion is embracing your style and celebrating each stage of life.  It’s the super short shorts at 20, the first black suit at 30, the blazer and boyfriend jeans at 40 or that pixie cut at 50.  

There is no need to be boxed into a single style category either. It’s the “edge” in your classic look, the “street” style in your refined world and the “bold” in your corporate life. Once you define your signature style, the fun begins! Style is defined by what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Your personality, unique experiences, and lifestyle are all key influencers and they must be honored.

Long for the days when you can rock that silk top and not worry about the little one using it for a Kleenex? There are many times when what you want to wear doesn’t work within your current lifestyle. It is important to recognize that style is an ever-evolving and organic thing. That’s the beauty of it! Trust me, that day will come, but until then, delete those silk tops in your Piperlime cart until 2016.

Fashion is fun.  Let’s embrace it. 

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