Janel Dyan


The Oversized Coat

The cold weather has arrived and this season's outerwear fashion trend is all about chic oversized silhouettes what take cue from menswear-inspired silhouettes. We see awesome designs with a more slightly fitted look, streamlined silhouettes, cleaner lines, and various lengths, starting from mid-thigh to below the knee. 


The classic oversized peacoat or a wrap coat are great with business suites during the fall/winter months.  Another trend this year is the cocoon coat, as it can be paired with so many different looks. It completely transforms any outfit, remaining functional and ideal for cozying up during cold days of winter. Here are a few tips for finding your perfect style.  

Keep the rest of your outfit fitted:  Wear more tailored pieces underneath to help balance the coat.  A pencil skirt,  cigarette pants or fitted trousers are good options for those work meetings. 

Cinch it:  Give a baggy coat some shape by cinching it at the waist. With coats made of thick, heavy materials, choose a belt that's wide and sturdy. This is also a great trick to accentuate your curves.

Give yourself a lift:  Wear heels to give yourself some added height and lengthen your silhouette. The shoes will also provide a sense of proportion to your oversized coat.

Add structured accessories:  Structured totes, purses, and pointy-toe shoes have straight lines and angles that compliment your king-size coat. 

Buy your size:  Stick to coats that are designed to be oversized rather than something a few sizes too big. An oversized coat should look like a deliberate fashion choice, not something you found in your closet and threw on.

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